Jan 31, 2009

Day 31


Today, I did not get my camera out once! Sometimes taking photographs is a freeing experience, something that relaxes me and frankly can put me into a trance of fun! Today, I just did not feel like picking it up though, which also was freeing in it's own weird way.

Though tomorrow I assume you some new photo's - gotta do my number 1 - since it will be my 1 month mark! :)

These are my daughter, she took some riding lesson's - she really enjoyed them, I wish I could find somewhere, where she could take them again that did not cost so much. (I would love to learn too, horses are my favorate "real" animal (unicorns are my fav.)!

Jan 30, 2009

Day 30


As a single mom of 2 kids, relaxing is not something I "get" to do often. Honestly my nights are my time to "be me" to relax and do what *I* want to! Weather it be to work, take a shower, listen to music, read or watch TV - it's my time. (Hence the reason you might find me chatting away, or editing a photograph at 1 AM!)

So when this week's challenge word came along today - "Relaxation" I had to think for a while to decide what I could photograph that might show what relaxation means to me - so now while I write this post, I am listening to Evanescence, editing photographs, drinking some hot coco, and getting ready to turn in to watch a little TV.

Though I am not sure any of these are worthy for the contest - they were quick snaps of my "relaxing time" now that the house is quiet and I am alone! :)

(OH and the frogs, wow I bought them for the kids, but honestly I find myself watching them and getting lost in there games - they are such fun!)

Jan 29, 2009

Day 29

Fire and Ice...

As you have read before - if you read my blog that is - I am a member of an amazing photography forum - (I love it there). Anyway, this week we had a challenge - we were given a word, and told to run with it. This week's word was "Fire" - did not have to be a photograph OF fire, but something that meant fire to us...

Well, as you know I did some burner photo's - then I was thinking "Fire and Ice." So I again went back to the burner, and tried ice cubes but really - it was not working.

So alas, we got SNOW and ICE, duh - fire and ice! Since it was raining, we (my sister helped) pulled some snow/ice inside (on her table) and played with fire and ice.

These are some of the images I got...

Then here's the one I entered....

Jan 28, 2009

Day 28

A Day Off...

Yesterday it was snow, today it was ice. Over night we got at least 1/2 an inch of ice on top of all that snow (around 2 inches), so of course the kids did not have school (yeah, here in Northern VA we are "sissy's"). So the lucky kids got to go SLEDDING - what kid (and unassuming adult) does not like sledding? Not me, and certainly not the kids! They had a blast.

We actually went to my sisters house, she has a HUGE hill right in front of her house...it's steep, but fun - Zachary kept going down flapping his "wings," "just like a bird mommy!" (What was I thinking.)

I also got some great ice shots, I think at least - course the 2nd time we went out (Zachary and I) I left the camera inside, it was RAINING!

Jan 27, 2009

Day 26/27

Computers and Snow

Well yesterday things when NUTS with my computer, it seemed like for several days one thing after another went by the waist side - first it was the CD drive, then the speakers decided to be hit and miss, then yahoo started to stop working, Photo Shop also stopped opening photographs - so today, I ended up reformatting - oh that's fun! :) Though I think I got it all up and working now, and back to normal! This is a GOOD reminder...back up those computers!!! Thank goodness I saved all the photo's to my external!

This morning I got shaken awake by my daughter telling me that I was going to get my wish today - I was like HUH? Then she said, "The grass is white mom, it's white, it's SNOWING." I kinda grunted and rolled over! :) I am SO not a morning person! Though it's been just BEAUTIFUL! Tomorrow it's supposed to turn to rain, but today was just beautiful and the kids had such fun in the snow!

Jan 25, 2009

Day 25


I am a clickinmom's member - LOVE the site! Anyway, each week, we are challenged by a "word" - this word is quite broad and we get to interpret it in our own way...this weeks word is "Fire"

I had some thoughts, but not sure I love these - so I am going to give something else a try tomorrow...but what do you think?