Mar 19, 2009

day 73

Little girls...

Today I had a photo shoot with a fun family - here's my favorite from the session :) You can see more on my blog Northern VA Photographer

Hope you had a great day!!!

Mar 18, 2009

Day 72


Today, it was beautiful, and the world around me is starting to's really amazing!!

Mar 16, 2009

Day 71

Gosh I am so behind - but never fear - I am working my way back.

Finially the website is up, mostly, gotta add some music to the galleries but other than that. Got all my supplies ordered, working on a new thank you card with info about print care ect. YEAH things are going in the right direction! :)

Here's a few that I edited tonight...such a sweet little man! :)

Mar 12, 2009

Day 70


Gosh, today was a day - LOL

1. I changed over the DNS to my website tonight, so hopefully by tomorrow when you head to you will be greeted with my new website and blog - got a few little things to fix, and hopefully by tomorrow night they will be done! :) - So I will be 100% paperless for clients, and using a website that's 100% wind powered! WOOT!!! I love being "green" - and the design goes with my new "green" status, in dark browns, olives, tan and dark purples!

2. I bought some packaging - WOOT, I had been basically "winging" it - nicely, but just going searching locally for "things" - bags, ect! Well today, I got folders, clear bags, stickers, raffia, new and new business cards. :) All in my new colors!

I am so excited, I sure hope all this pays off, I have another session booked on Sunday, then have one on the 20th (with a fellow single mom), and 2 in early April! :)

So, I thought I would share my new business card with ya...Tracy from Sugar Lime Designs did an awesome job, on my website (she did all the graphics and I did all the HTML/CSS), business cards, new logo - she did ALL the graphics!

Mar 11, 2009

Day 69


Gosh I love infants, I miss having one, they grow up to darn fast! But today I got to play with the sweetest little boy, he was just fun! :) I would love some blog love (and will return it) but here's my favorite from the session (So Far) (Oh my business blog is Northern VA Photographer)


Mar 10, 2009

Day 68


The new "kids" - to my kids that is...our new family of webkinz - Aubrey loves these little guys, she already had 2, which were set to "expire" with in a month, so of course we had to get more, right? (Yep I am a push over!)

So tonight I was practicing with custom white balance and my flash bracket - and these guys were just begging to be photographed!

Meet "Tree" - This one is "Zachary's" he named him and everything!

This is the beautiful "Bee" - Aubrey's

And this is Hopscotch the frog, that she calles "Hop" for short.

Then here's the gang! :)

Mar 9, 2009

Day 67

The sky...

I just love the sky, as a kid I remember laying on my back often just looking up, in the dark looking at the stars and during the day at the clouds! It's amazing, and since the kids were not into me taking any of them today - I thought I would share a sky with you.

Mar 8, 2009

Day 66


Today is my father's 61st birthday - we headed out to dinner, I love this place with it's water. ducks and fountains.

The moon was also really beautiful - both before and after dinner.

We also went yesterday to a dress fitting for Aubrey - she's going to be in a fashion show for our local Nordstroms, she's really excited, and the dress is really beautiful though this photo does NOT do it justice, I forgot my flash so I had to use the one attached! EAK!

See I told you this was random - this is the light in their dressing room - I thought it was kinda neat! :)
Little Rylan is also going to be in the show - but the photo I got of him was SOO crazy it was not savable :) But he's got a cute little face!

And one of Zachary - LOL we got to the park at least on Friday night, the rest of the weekend was not exactly what I had thought, hopefully we will ge back there tomorrow before it starts getting cold again :(

Mar 5, 2009

Day 65


This is such a unique gift idea. My sister won this one at work, for being an amazing, awesome and wonderful teacher (really she is amazing) - but you can really order them - I should ask her were, but it was beautiful - and yummy too! :)

Day 63/64

Not a photo...

Gosh I have been behind huh? Visiting blogs, posting to mine and even taking photographs! Today I was supposed to have a photo session with a beautiful little boy, but because I woke up with a "pink eye" I cancled to reschedule - I am not sure what's going on with that thing!

I do have a cool shot for you today - and a cool new way to give back as a photographer! Introducing - Turing Lemons Into Lemonade: The Single Parent Project"

Mar 3, 2009

Day 62

Still Snowy, and SOOO COLD!

I hope you love these, it's like 30's today with REALLY strong winds, wow it's cold! :)

Spring where are you?

Mar 2, 2009

Day 61

Ready For Spring...

Today was a long day full of running around, and shoveling. It started with shoveling, then my dad took Aubrey and I to the eye doctor for her (she has an eye infection), then home to go with a friend to urgent I did not get any shots of the pretty snow - I will try tomorrow though...but for now, I am praying for spring!

Mar 1, 2009

Day 60


Yep that's right - they are calling for 4-8 inches by morning - the kids already have been called out of school, so here's to hoping that it does not snow TO much! :)