Mar 10, 2009

Day 68


The new "kids" - to my kids that is...our new family of webkinz - Aubrey loves these little guys, she already had 2, which were set to "expire" with in a month, so of course we had to get more, right? (Yep I am a push over!)

So tonight I was practicing with custom white balance and my flash bracket - and these guys were just begging to be photographed!

Meet "Tree" - This one is "Zachary's" he named him and everything!

This is the beautiful "Bee" - Aubrey's

And this is Hopscotch the frog, that she calles "Hop" for short.

Then here's the gang! :)


  1. They are so cute! I haven't actually done the web thing for our 2 Webkinz. :blush:

  2. They are sooooo cute. The colors look great! I didn't realize they would expire. My daughter will be heartbroken when some of hers expire.

  3. Cute kids! LOL
    I contemplate getting some for my daughter, I think she would like them. Only thing is I hate stuffed toys. ;-)

  4. they all expire? that kinda stinks huh? just another way to keep you buying more!!!

  5. oh they expire! oh no! C loves those things too, we have one and then a TY that has online as well, gotta love technology!

  6. We love Webkins at my house. Even I have one! LOL! Goobers Lab rocks LOL.